Monthly Membership Subscriptions: Terms & Conditions

This agreement authorizes PayPal to automatically withdrawal a monthly reoccurring fee from you account. This is a subscription service to provide massage at a discounted rate with the ease of automatic withdrawals. My goal is to make my services more affordable & to benefit my clients by receiving massage regularly.

There is NO contract (currently). You may stop your subscription at any time, however an initial 3 month subscription is required to maintain future discount benefits. I do reserve the right to cancel a subscription at any time for any reason.

I can NOT provide “roll over” appointments. Reminder emails will NOT provided. You are fully responsible to book your massage within the month, before your next withdrawal. Since you can subscribe anytime, your month begins on your subscription/billing cycle date. You can use my online booking system, contact me directly, or ideally we can create a re-occurring massage appointment. Appointment cancellation policies do apply. If you can not make an appointment, I will allow you to send an alternate person, once during a 6 month period. Please email or text me in advance that you are sending an alternate. It is solely your responsibility to book, pause, or cancel your subscription. Please also read PayPals terms & conditions during initial registration.

Subscribers may book any number of additional appointments (for themselves) within the billing month also at a discounted rate of 25%.

If there are any “terms & conditions” updates, all subscribers will be notified immediately by email or phone on file.

4 Options available, use drop down to select the service that best suits your needs. You may always upgrade/add on to your service no matter what membership you select. (Updated June 2017)

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