About Kat

Hi! My name is Kathryn, but I go by Kat. I opened Kneaded Relief Massage Therapy, LLC, in December 2011, in hope to provide more focused therapeutic service. I pledge to always listen and do my best to adjust to your meet your individual needs. It’s just me in a relaxed spacious single studio. I would like to expand in the future, but starting small for now.

My experience: I graduated Massage Therapy School with honors in 2009 from Blue Cliff College in Gulfport, MS. I was hired at the Hard Rock Spa in Biloxi where I had a lot of fun and it was a great learning experience for a high volume spa but needed more hours and a change of scenery, so off to New Orelans/Metairie! I worked at two different beauty salons since moving but too often felt it was rush them in, push them out, change sheets, repeat. Massage should be a highly relaxing, de-stressing and/or tension relieving experience with extreme health benefits. So I decided to see if I could make a difference by venturing out on my own!  I also spend some time doing chair massage at Harrah’s Casino and other community events.
Prior to massage, my most influential health and community conscientious job was a fitness/community/outdoor recreation center on an Army base. I held quite a few other odd jobs over the years while trying to figure out my “calling”.  Life is always an ongoing journey and I feel I’ve chosen the right path.

Being on my own: I love the freedom of being able to give personal time to focus each client that I feel they deserve. Everyone comes in different shapes & sizes, has different things that stress them out, physically and/or mentally and therefore  everyone needs individualized methods to help relieve their stress & tension and most importantly someone who listens, your satisfaction is my only goal during a massage. I listen before, during & after a massage to try to give the best and most relaxing, therapeutic service I can. I’m a great match for a laid back and health conscious community. I am able to focus my healing hands and compassion to help people who need relief from everyday tension, pain, and stress. I utilize my knowledge of various massage techniques, stretches, anatomy, and kinesiology to work out tension in the body. I am extremely passionate about what I do and I put in a lot of energy into every massage. I’m often told how warm my hands become and that my conviction really shows in my work!

My style/specialty: I have a very smooth slow style of massage. I take my time warming up the muscle before working in deep, layer by layer. I feel with this method I excel at a relaxing, non-painful deep tissue massage.  I also enjoy the deep relaxation of hot stone, and I’ve definitely received the most compliments with my hot stone massage methods. I use my knowledge of muscle groups & how they interact to map out my massage routine to provide maximum benefit & efficiency. I feel regular massage is far more effective than a few rough sessions. I work out knots & tension, instead of trying to force them out. I have found this method more effective,  lasting & definitely more enjoyable in my few years of practice. 

I’m always willing to give a quick free demo to see if you like my hands!

I hope to meet you and bring your life some much Kneaded Relief!

~For your health~  Kat Miscavage, LMT 5637



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