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 Massage therapy should always be about your needs. Sessions can be customized to include a full or partial body massage. My massage techniques combine varied levels of pressure with long, smooth, efficient movements providing relaxation and working out tension and knots. The purpose of massage therapy is to lower stress levels, ease pain, increase circulation, reduce muscle congestion, assist lymphatic drainage and help the body and mind restore balance and peace.

Communication is the key to getting the massage you want & I strive to give the best service I can, every time you’re on my table. I provide a relaxing, never rushed atmosphere for all my clients, same day appointments are rarely available. I’ve attempted to address all questions & concerns within this website. I am happy to answer any additional questions, feel free to contact me, but please be patient, as my hands are usually quite busy, it may be a bit before I can get back to you. It’s just me in my studio.

I do hope I can provide you with some much Kneaded Relief,

~Kat Miscavage, LMT 5637

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