Expired Groupons

If your Groupon Expired, no need to worry, it will always be honored for the paid amount. Coupons are still good for a partial body/30 minute massage.

If you book a full body massage you will be expected to cover the remaining amount. ($30-$40). Otherwise when you book,  just select the 30 minute option.

You will still need the Groupon Voucher number & 8 digit Redemption code.

Hot stone massages are a minimum time of 60 minutes, so if you want a full body Hot Stone, massage you will need to cover the additional amount ($41). Otherwise you will have the option for deep tissue or another add-ons.

I am very sorry to the people who did not get in on time. But I did my best to make it clear that it’s just me in a single studio, so there are only so many appointments I can take every week.  And I can not make an exception for redeeming one coupon after expiration that I won’t make for all of them. So if you did not get to book in time, I am sorry, but you still have a great coupon and different options!

Thanks ~Kat

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