Groupon Questions Answered

Hi and thank you for your purchase.  I wanted to make a little note because it has become increasingly difficult to answer my phone.  It’s just me in a single studio, so if I’m not in my studio or by my computer at home, on a call, checking voicemail, or in service, I can not answer my phone. Please leave me a voicemail, or send me a text or email, and most definitely, please, utilize the “Book Now” button! I apologize for any confusion or if it takes me a day or so to return your call.

Couples massages?  or  Two appointments booked at the same time?
It’s just me, single studio,  so unfortunately I can not accommodate.

I don’t have a formal waiting area, so I don’t recommend coming in groups. I try to personalize each service and thoroughly speak my clients about their expectations and needs. So, I cushion each service by 30 minutes, this makes back to back massages a little different than in a traditional spa. 

I hope this helps, again I apologize for my lack of answering phone calls. Please just be patient with me. I limited the number of bookings, so I am capable of handling the massage work load, just having issues with the calls! If you purchased a Groupon, you will be able to book your massage within the time frame, so don’t worry about that at all!

I look forward to bringing some Kneaded Relief to you.

Thank you, Kat

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