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PRICE INCREASE JUNE 1st, 2017  More info, click here.

Basic Massage {{$1 per minute}}
My basic massage consists of gentle to firm pressure with long, smooth, efficient strokes for relaxation and easing muscle tension.
30 min =$30  {$35 June 1st} (for partial body)
60 min =$60  {$70 June 1st} (for full body or detailed partial)
90 min =$90  {$100 June 1st} (detailed full body)

Deep Tissue Massage +$5/30 min
Firm to heavy pressure, for greater relief of muscle tension. (for breaking knots and intense pressure please book a Deep Tissue Therapy session)
30 min = $35  {$40} (for partial body)
60 min = $70  {$80} (for full body or detailed partial)
90 min = $105  {$120} (detailed full body)

Deep Tissue Therapy +$10/30 min
Neuromuscular therapeutic massage. Intense direct pressure to break knots and force out muscular tension. 
60 min =$80  {$90} (for full body or detailed partial)
90 min =$120  {$135} (detailed full body)

Sports/Table Thai +$5/30 min
Upbeat massage with passive and active stretching.
30 min =$35  {$40} (for partial body)
60 min =$70  {$80} (for full body or detailed partial)
90 min =$105  {$120} (detailed full body)

Hot Stone Massage +$20 {+$15}
Massaged with heated basalt rocks to provide tension relief, intensely relaxing.
60 min =$80  {$85} (for full body or detailed partial)
90 min =$110  {$120} (detailed full body)

Sinus/Headache Relief 
Detailed face, scalp & neck massage. 
20 min = $30 (neck/face/scalp only)

120 Minute Revitalize $180
An incredibly detailed full body massage. A long thorough muscular warm up, as much pressure as you request, passive stretching, aromatherapy, and hot towels are all utilized in effort to completely revitalize your body during this two hour massage.

Reiki  (+$0) (add on to any massage)
Chakra & Aura, Energy work.

Hot Towel Herbal Foot Treatment +$5 (add to any massage)
A treat for your feet, hot towels and foot balm, with thorough massage.

Aromatherapy +$5 **or complimentary with any “check in” on FaceBook or Yelp**
Essential oils added for various enhancements.

Out Calls $30 (+$10/per 10 miles)
Mobile massage, I bring my table to you!
Out calls are only available to established clients & are subject to availability. 
(see more info on Knead to Know page).

On Site Chair Massage
Chair massage at your location. Corporate office or private party. Fully clothed & a great treat for employees or guests. Can provide massage up to 6 people/hour/therapist. 
Under 4 Hours $70/hour + $30 travel fee
Over 4 Hours, travel fee waived. 
I may be able to provide multiple therapists. $70/hr per therapist. Please contact me for additional information.
I can provide chair massage in studio if lying down or clothing removal is an issue.

Many of my services can be combined, allowing you to completely customize your session. Hot Stone is the only massage I need to prepare for ahead of time, so feel free to come into your appointment & mix it up a bit! There’s rarely additional charges, as it’s simply becomes a more focused massage. Example Deep tissue with sinus headache, would just be a deep tissue with a sinus/neck focus.

I allot plenty of time in between my appointments, to discuss your needs every session  & to ensure there’s never a rush, so you can enjoy every minute of your massage. 

It is just me in a single studio, so I can not perform couples massages. ***Couples massages temporarily available, Feb 2017***

Same day appointments are rarely available.

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